Seismogramm - performative drawing

The work »Seismogramm − performative drawing« consists of 63 individual drawings. Each shows the same thing; three horizontal lines of ink on paper. These lines were drawn in different ways with a drawing feather on a wet surface.

The changing variables were: blade position, execution by a left or right part of the body, posture, position or previous physical activity, and feather length. How the individual sheets were created is noted in the title of each individual drawing. This describes the position of the sheet, whether I drew with right or left, the posture, position or physical activity during which the drawing was created and the length of the pen.
The drawings document the small and large movements of my body, with the pen taking on the role of the seismograph and documenting everything. My approach is scientifically oriented, with the aim of recording my physical limits by striking disruptions in the lines.
The notes start out banally, as I, for control purposes, use my right and left hand to draw with an elongated pen. In the process, the positions and postures I take on become more and more complex and difficult to perform. The length of the drawing pen also takes on enormous dimensions when trying to draw the lines on the ceiling. In addition, I don't just draw with my hands, I put the pen between different toes or use my mouth and then run it over the paper. Finally, I do some physical activity and go around in circles until I feel dizzy before I put the lines on paper. Surprisingly, the three lines mostly stayed parallel to each other and the lines on the same sheet show similar curves. I rarely documented significant disturbances. However, contrary to my expectations, the abnormalities were not big fluctuations, they are rather interruptions that I documented. They always emerged when the physical strain was too great or my mobility was insufficient to draw the lines to the end of the sheet.

Based on the title, the viewer can imagine my movements and postures and empathize with them in their heads or in real life. In this way it is possible to understand the performative approach, since this part of the work is not documented by photos or films. The drawings alone are the documents with which I record and depict the process and are therefore a document of the creation as well as the artistic work itself.


Seismogramm - performative drawing; 2019; Indian ink & water on paper; Studio view; 5.67 x 3.08 m