Ever since photography is a common technique to capture images, human beings are taking pictures to remember a moment. The photographies support us calling the past to our mind. But the memories, which play back in our minds, work in completely different ways. This recollection is blurry, diffuse and some of them are merging together in a formal and content based way. Memories can also be interpretations of things we didn't experience our selves, but we were told about. In addition to that our remembrance changes day by day over the years, so the pictures in our minds are in constant motion. The topic of »Recollected« is the difference between remembrance through taking pictures and our mind based memory.

The work contains 15 pictures, assembled from six different negatives in total. They are dated in 1930 depicting a woman in various poses. The analogue method of assembling by layering the different negatives in various manners creates new images. For each assembly I took three of the six negatives and combined them in diverse ways to generate an impression of a movement.Because of these alienations, clear photographies turn into a fusion of multiple negatives. The woman shown in the source material transforms into a blurred shape and she is no longer identifiable. The arms holding accessories are not attributable to any specific body. The aim of »Recollected« is to create a kind of picture that comes closer to our human way of remembering, than a regular photography, which is only able to capture one single moment, supposedly does.

The horizontally arranged sequence underlines the works concept of time. It allows to be read chronological, selective or comparative. The viewer can add the pictures to his own recollection or perceive them as a part of collective memory.

Recollected; 2019; Lithprint on silver gelatine, glass & stainless steel; Studio view; 174 x 60 x 5 cm