Insecta Pterygota Chimaeridae

»Insecta Pterygota Chimearidae« is a two-part project.

The first part is miniature objects, the second is a publication. The objects represent a new species of insect that is about to be extinguished when it is discovered. The insects shown are the first and at the same time the last specimens of their kind found.
The newly discovered species are documented and described in the publication. The titling and naming of the insects corresponds to zoological practice. The classifications are borrowed from real entomological descriptions and contain the corresponding technical terms.

Our world is so rich in species that to this day not all living things have been classified and identified. Researchers believe that many never will, as they were wiped out before they were discovered. "Insecta Pterygota Chimaeridae" thematizes the extinction of species and illustrates what goes unnoticed on our planet every day.
No animal was harmed for this project. The insect fragments used were found on forest floors or sidewalks in a damaged and deceased state.


Insecta Pterygota Chimearidae; 2021- ongoing; various insect fragments, insect needles & composite material on paper & foam; each object 20 x 20 x 20 cm