The origin of my work is the supposedly inconspicuous.

These objects are revived in a research and documentary procedure, integrated into artistic methods and processed. The familiar is alienated through different manipulation techniques. By means of repetition, serial connections are established within individual products. Completing these works by adding more of the same design to create a superior series exponentiates these links.

In this way, new connections can be made, viewed and interpreted in the resulting work.


My name is Lis Klein, I am an artist and this is my website.

invite you to look around.
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Born 1994 in Luxembourg.

Studying Fine Arts at the Stuttgart State Academie of Art and Design
from 2015 - 2021 in the classes of Prof. Volker Lehnert and Prof. Udo Koch.

Lives and works in Stuttgart, Germany.

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Group exhibitions

NATÜRLICH, crafts inspired by nature
at the Regierungspräsidium Karlsruhe, Germany

Mercury is gonna sail across the sun on Monday

Kunsverein Gästezimmer e.V.
Stuttgart, Germany

GLAS 2019

7. Immenhäuser Glaspreis

Competition for contemporary glass art in Germany

Glasmuseum Immenhausen, Germany


Square-Dance Tuttlingen

An art in public space project with the german city Tuttlingen

Inter Art Galerie Stuttgart


FOKUS 2.0 Junge Kunst

Kunstverein Radolfzell E.V. at the „Villa Bosch“